The Horn Of Plenty- The inspiration behind my Plush Monsters.

 The inspirations for these plush monsters came to me during a depressive  period in my life. After finding out that both my mother and my oldest sister's health deteriorating, everything  started to become chaotic. But one day while being sucked into the black  hole of “Youtube,” I stumble upon a video of the late Alexander  McQueen-fall 2009-10 collection title “A Horn of Plenty”. With his  intricate designs of models adorning bold stripe pattern outfits and  loud over the top makeup- it woken my inspiration. I took a piece of  that collection and mixed with my love for Tim Burton's art and the  kookiness of Dr. Suess, hence my “Monsters” were created.  

I have been creating these monsters for quite some time now. They have somehow envolved from just a simple block to an intricate monsters with horns and ears. I love my creation and take pride in making them. The plush are made with Anti-Pil Fleece, Safety Doll Eyes, and stuffed with  Pollyfil. They are designed, cut, sewn together, stuffed,  fluffed, de-linted, packaged, and shipped off, by me.

So I want to know... "What inspire you to create?"

 If you have  questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me. 


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